CX Linguistics Data Director


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Evoke is a marketing and advertising agency servicing the healthcare industry. We partner with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients, delivering unparalleled levels of strategic, creative, and technological innovation that build richer and more interactions between our clients and their customers.


The Importance of CX & Data Analytics

CX is a customers’ holistic perception of their experience of a brand. This perception is made up by every interaction a customer has with the brand, from navigating the website, to making a purchase, to engaging with customer service, and even to the delivery of the product itself. At Evoke, we believe that to make health more human, we have to understand the CX. We have to understand the journeys of each core customer, looking for moments of friction, moments of frustration or moments where expectations are not met. By revealing these experiences, we can understand where to step in and create solutions that are meaningful, are often unique to a category, and create a seamless CX. Evoke is proud to have embraced the power of Big Data as a crucial mechanism to help us understand consumer attitudes, behaviors, and expectations. The macro data enables us to substantiate findings in the CX and create new ways to understand human behavior. To help us accomplish this we are looking to add a full-time CX Linguistics Data Director to the team here at Evoke.


Your role as a CX Linguistics Director:

The CX Linguistics Director would help lead a team of accomplished and driven CX Linguistic Analysts. The director’s role will focus on keeping projects on track, evolving the project output, offering and value. Our client deliverables would predominantly focus on text-based data, analyzing hundreds of thousands of data points to arrive at linguistic findings. These insights will most often align against KBQs provided by the CX Strategy team and other team-members. Therefore, the CX Director of Linguistics needs to have extraordinary cross-team collaboration skills and operational capabilities. Additionally the director will be required manage projects, oversee both their own growth, their team growth, project delivery, new business and pitching, partnering across teams and learn and grown their own skillset, knowledge and capabilities. The CX Linguistics Director should always aim to go “one level deeper” asking “Why did the consumer do that?” what is the meaning behind the behavior, and what value does this research bring the client? Finally it’s the responsibility of the director to inspire their team to continuously stay up-to-date on the latest in the NLP and ML/AI space.



  • Lead and evolve a team of CX Linguistic Analysts to develop Linguistic Analysis and NLP Research across Journey Mapping, Voice of Customer Analysis, Competitive Gap Analysis, Search Behavior Summary, Social Media Listening, New Business Pitch Support

  • Lead data mining, identifying data sources, extracting data, connect to APIs, building data scrapers and source partnerships/tools/platforms

  • Lead data cleaning, create and stay up to date on best practices, using Python to pre-processes for analysis

  • Complete data clustering across different data sources (search, social, costumer, news, review, transcripts) to combine a robust dataset

  • Complete data clustering against specific rules, partners, journey stages, segments to establish relevant subsets of data

  • Lead data analysis best in class research techniques with a focus on NLP (examples below):

    • LDA models, random forest, predictive modeling, correlation, n-grams, sentiment, tf-idf, word2vec, heatmapping, trend analysis, lexicon etc.

    • Top volume across clustered search terms

    • Top volume across topics/terms/n-grams/sentiment/emojis used on social

    • Top sources of influence across channels, forums, blogs, news, SERP, accounts, products

    • Longitudinal content relevance

    • Audience language analysis

  • Complete, teach and lead data visualization across Excel (can maintain complex spreadsheets) and Python using packages such as Seaborn, matplotlib, Plotly, Bokeh or others

  • Create stories from the data, conveying complex insights in simple visuals and communicate the takeaways with ease

  • Develop new research offerings

  • Consider automation and optimization across current research streams and projects


Skills / Qualifications:

  • 4+ years in data analytics, specifically working with text-based data (search, social, reviews, news, transcripts, white papers, articles, excerpts etc.)

  • 3+ years of agency experience required

  • 2+ years of leading a team of analysts, developing their skillset, hiring, teaching and projects of different levels of complexity while assisting across new business and pitching

  • Python mastery required

  • Mastry of mining, cleansing, clustering, analyzing and visualizing data

  • Hands-on experience with web analytics platforms, social media listening tools, and search tools such as NetBase, Quid, Crimson Hexagon, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, GA etc.

  • BA/BS Degree (preferably in Computer Science, Economics or Statistics)





























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$140,000$150,000 USD

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